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Your TaxDome dashboard displays everything that currently needs your attention, like pending invoices, recent messages, or client-disapproved documents. Plus, you’ll see revenues, team stats, tasks, and more! You can always get back to your dashboard by going to the Home page.

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Checking Out Your Stats and Revenues

In the Revenue section (top left), you’ll see these three ranges for your firm’s revenue:

  • WTD (week to date): a period starting at the beginning of the current week and ending on the current date.
  • MTD (month to date): a period starting at the beginning of the current month and ending on the current date.
  • YTD (year to date): a period starting at the beginning of the current year and ending on the current date.

A firm owner can see the entire firm’s revenue; whereas, team members see their stats on the invoices assigned to them:

  • Actual revenue for reporting period is the amount of payments (paid in the relevant period) minus the amount of refunds on similar payments for the relevant period. (Promotional credits are not taken into account.)
  • Growth over same period last year is annual growth in percentage = (actual revenue for reporting period - actual revenue for previous period) / actual revenue for previous period * 100%).
  • Revenue Pending is the amount of created (not yet paid) invoices for the corresponding period.

Checking Out Team Stats

Want to see how well your fantastic team is doing? Take a look at your Team Stats to find out how much profit your team members have brought the company. Together with profit, you’ll see the year-over-year (YOY) growth for each team member (comparing one period with the same period the previous year).

Your Team Stats let you see revenue WTD, MTD, and YTD.

  • Revenue is the amount of paid invoices for each team member for the selected period.
  • Growth YOY is annual growth (team member’s revenue for reporting period - team member’s revenue for previous period) / team member’s revenue for previous period * 100%.
  • % of Team is the distribution of revenue in percentage from all team members for the selected period. By default, the firm owner is also included in these stats. To remove them, click the eye icon next to their name.

Viewing Tasks

In the Tasks section on your dashboard, you can immediately see who’s doing what—and what comes next. Once a task is created, it’s displayed. You’ll see all tasks for all accounts, no matter who is responsible. That way, you’re always aware of the progress achieved for each account. You’ll also be able to see start and due dates, overdue tasks, as well as easily change any status. The total number of tasks is displayed next to the section name.

Finding Out What Needs Your Attention

You’ll be able to see how many pending invoices, recent messages, and disapproved documents there are in your dashboard’s Attention Needed section. Stats are displayed for the last 5 days, 10 days, and 1 month +.

Looking at Your Client Account Stats

Are your clients getting the most out of their TaxDome usage? Find out by looking at your Accounts section. Here, you’ll see how many accounts you have (WTD, MTD, and YTD ) and which ones are most active on TaxDome. You can also learn how many of them are paying clients. The total number of accounts is displayed next to the section name.

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